When I started this blog, my goal was to concentrate on content management in the modern organisation, but from a business perspective. I’ve been working on Documentum now for 10 years, and thought to put this knowledge and experience in a blog. The original name of the blog was aptly called: “content management”.

I soon realise however that the industry is changing, and changing fast. I got to a point where I wrote more about cloud computing, mobility and where the industry as a whole is going than about pure content management. I also realised that content management as it is known today and the way that I’ve been working with it, is changing. There are new concepts and new ways of consuming and creating content that were not even considered 5 years ago, let alone 10.

So I’m changing the goal of the blog, to make it wider. I’m now writing more about the software industry as a whole, and where it is going (according to me). I’m still going to try and keep my business perspective on this, to determine how business is going to make use of the new directions in the software industry. It is business after all that will determine the sole outcome and whether we are going to see more of what we have today, or are going to enter a brave new world.

In my opinion, the software industry as we know it today won’t be around much longer. Many things are going to change, and the way that business is going to use IT is going to change dramatically. I also think we are going to see a split between the large enterprises and the smaller companies. Smaller companies will be able to make use of the new software industry a lot quicker and a lot more successful, and will compete against big enterprises in ways that we have not seen yet. Eventually big enterprises will change, but it will be a long process for them, as they have heavy investments in IT and as such are a lot more adverse to change than smaller companies.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and please let me know where you don’t agree with me. There is always room to learn 🙂

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