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Racing IT – Introduction

29 January, 2013 Leave a comment
Formula 1 Starting Grid, picture from

Formula 1 Starting Grid, picture from thecarwallpapers

Formula 1 (or Grand Prix) is the leading motor sport competition in the world. It is a global competition, consisting of 11 teams competing against one another at 20 different international venues. Formula 1 is a glamour sport where actors, politicians and other famous personalities associate themselves with the teams and the sport. The top teams have budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars. Ferrari, the longest running and most valuable team in Formula 1 is worth more than a billion dollars in terms of merchandise, intellectual property and sponsorships.

Formula 1 is a high stress environment where the teams are under constant scrutiny by the media, supporters and business partners. Week in and week out the teams need to stay competitive while managing this stressful environment. A single mistake can end a campaign leaving the team open to criticism and failure. Good management and teamwork is of the essence to ensure a winning and successful season. It is a highly innovative sport where continuous improvement to the car is the difference between staying competitive and just taking part. While the current racing cars are continuously improved, the teams must also manage the design and testing of their cars for the next season. Read more…


BYOD – Forget the device

6 December, 2012 1 comment

BYOD - Forget the deviceOnly a short while ago BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) was a buzzword being thrown around in the IT industry as one of the new disruptive technologies. Employees started to bring their own devices, especially mobile devices, to work in order to use these devices for work and to improve their productivity. Email in particular was a popular tool employees wanted to access when they were away from the office. Although this is not a new phenomenon (I’ve been taking my personal laptop into work for a good number of years), mobile devices highlighted this trend. Recently though, employees don’t only want to access their email, but they also want to engage with their corporate software systems to improve their productivity. This is causing a massive additional workload on IT departments where these devices must now form part of the network to enable higher productivity. Read more…

Weather forecast

12 June, 2011 Leave a comment

So what will the weather be like going forward, cloudy with rain or cloudy with sunshine? The fact is that the cloud is going to change things, but to what extend and what will the results be? What is the world going to be like after the cloud, but more importantly, how are we going to get there? Today I was astounded to meet someone working in the IT industry, a decision maker that did not know what the cloud is. And this person is working at a big enterprise. That is leading me to this question, how are we going to get there, because I think that is going to determine what we are going to have after the storm.

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