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Social Content Management

29 August, 2011 4 comments

These days it is easy to start a new trend in Information Technology, just add either “cloud” or “social” in front of any existing technology, and there you go. As I’ve already written a couple of articles on cloud computing of late, I decided to add the “social” keyword in front of ECM and came up with Social Content Management. What actually started this article is a twitter jam session I followed a while back on the topic of social content management. It was a more technical orientated discussion, and the view was that current content management systems are ready to handle social content management, as most systems can already handle email and collaboration needs. Social content is just a step further in this evolution. However, the sales people keep on telling us that we need to buy extra systems and functionality in order to manage social media. Read more…


The cloud evolution

29 June, 2011 1 comment

I love how the IT industry can jump on the bandwagon. As soon as a new catch phrased is coined and shown to be a billion dollar market, you get new players, current players, corporates, specialists, contractors etc. etc. using the new “word” in everything. The marketing departments have a new moving target and do their best to show the whole world that they are indeed the leaders and the actual solution to meet the expectations of the market. The catch phrase today is cloud computing, and although it is not new, the marketing and vendor buy-in into cloud computing only started now.

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Weather forecast

12 June, 2011 Leave a comment

So what will the weather be like going forward, cloudy with rain or cloudy with sunshine? The fact is that the cloud is going to change things, but to what extend and what will the results be? What is the world going to be like after the cloud, but more importantly, how are we going to get there? Today I was astounded to meet someone working in the IT industry, a decision maker that did not know what the cloud is. And this person is working at a big enterprise. That is leading me to this question, how are we going to get there, because I think that is going to determine what we are going to have after the storm.

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Neutral Content

7 June, 2011 1 comment

One thing that is still missing from content management systems is the content creation part. I’m not talking about web content management, but actually the whole enterprise experience. The problem is that most content is created with tools outside of the content management system and then imported into the system. This means that instead of it being a content management system, it is more a media management system, good management of media with excellent Meta information around the media files.

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An Unstructured Content Rise

23 May, 2011 Leave a comment

With the new breed of hardware mobility available the way and frequency with which we consume and interact with content has change dramatically. We now consume different types of content from different streams almost constantly from just about anywhere. A status update in Facebook or a tweet in Twitter must now be treated as content, especially when this is done through an official organisation channel. What differentiate this type of content from our traditional view on content is the interaction we receive from consumers. Read more…

Content management in the modern organisation

16 May, 2011 Leave a comment

Part 3 of 3

Keep going at it

So you now have implemented an awesome content management system. You did everything right, you had your employees involved with amazing and continuous training. You had vendors and partners and consultants that helped you implement one of if not the best technological solutions. All your business processes has been analyzed and optimized and your integration points are flawless. Your system is stable, fast and within budget, everyone is happy, in short, you have a kick-ass system. Now for the bad news, your implementation is not finished. In fact, your implementation will never be finished. We live in an ever changing world, and your organizational views, strategies and vision will change. Your content management implementation will have to evolve to keep up with these changes. Read more…

Content management in the modern organisation

9 May, 2011 Leave a comment

Part 2 of 3

Pitfalls and other disasters

A lack of vision might just be the biggest pitfall facing content management. Too often content management stays stagnant and is left to one or two people to manage and maintain in their spare time. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the aim of content management?
  • What are the objectives of our content management?
  • How does content management support and improve our organisation?
  • How do users perceive and interact with content management? Read more…